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Martin Rush MH11 now Available

Events & Hire Manager Rob takes a look at the new Martin Rush MH11's now available to hire.


Enjoy Church Summit 2018 GOES WITH PIXAPANEL

Forefront once again had the privilege of serving Enjoy Church for their annual Enjoy Summit.

Enjoy recently purchased a full inventory of our Pixapanel LED video panels.

The Summit featured notable speakers Shane Baxter, Georgie Baxter, John Bevere & Phil Pringle.


Pixapanel Intelli LED Video Panels
Martin Quantum Profile Moving Head Lights
Martin Rush MH3 Beam Moving Head Lights
Martin Mac101 Wash Moving Head Lights
Fusion Bars
Pixapanel Octastrobe LED
GLP Impression Wash Moving Head Lights
GrandMA2 Light Console
GrandMA2 Ultralite Console
NExo STM S118 Subs
Nexo NX4X4 Amplifiers / Processors
Waves Multirack & Waves Extreme Server


CRC Churches International Conference

CRC Churches International Conference 2017 was held in Adelaide with Forefront providing audio, lighting and LED video systems.

Held over three days, the conference attracted attendees from throughout Australia and around the globe.

Forefront also provided audio and lighting engineers, ensuring a great result whilst doubling as a support and training opportunity for church volunteers.


Nexo STM M46 Line Array
Nexo STM M28 Line Array
Nexo STM S118 Subs
Nexo STM PS15 Speaker Elements
Nexo NXAMP4x4 Processor / Amplifiers
Digico SD8 Digital Mixer
Digico SD9 Digital Mixer
Sennheiser 500 Series Wireless Mics
Sennheiser 300 Series Wireless In-Ear Monitors
DPA 4066 Head Worn Mics
Comstar Wireless Comms / Talkback
Pixapanel LED Video Panels
Martin MH3 Beam Moving Heads
Martin MAC101 LED Moving Heads
Pixapanel Pixastrips
GrandMA 2 Light Console


VIVE Church Conference

August saw VIVE Church hold their first ever conference where they gathered as one church right in the heart of the City of San Francisco to declare THERE IS A HOPE.

VIVE Conference was nothing short of powerful with guests such as Chris Durso, Benny Perez, and Mack Brock (Elevation Church) and Jack Diaz (C3 Los Angeles), hosted by lead pastors Adam & Keira Smallcombe.

Forefront was honoured to supply production on the event providing lighting, audio and video.


DiGiCo SD9 Audio Console
DiGiCo S31 Audio Console
Sennheiser 2000 Series Wireless Microphones
Sennheiser EW300 Wireless IEM's
JBL Vertec Line Array System

Elation Cuepix Blinders
GLP Impression X4
Clay Paky Mythos
Chauvet Maverick MK2 Spot
Chauvet Maverick MK2 Wash
GrandMA2 Lite Console

Christie Roadster HD14K
Stumpfl Projection Screen




Ps Shane Baxter

Enjoy Church is a vibrant, growing multi-campus church anchored in Melbourne Australia and lead by Ps Shane & Georgie Baxter.

For Enjoy Church's first full feature album recording, Forefront was engaged to supply both production services for the host event being Enjoy's annual Summit Conference, as well facilitating the record and capture, post production advice and direction.

"We designed and built a lighting rig that supplied good flexibility for different looks, but also provided interest for video from very wide angles.  The result was centered around LED video panel at various angles intertwined with Pixapstrip to create a 3D ribbon effect" said Rob Thorne of Forefront.

Enjoy Church recently updated to DiGiCo audio consoles, so for audio recording adding a further SD8 with racks and using the Soundgrid network facilitated primary & redundant backup multi track recording to Waves TracksLive.



Nexo STM S118 Sub Bass Elements
Nexo NXAMP4X4 Speaker Processor / Amplifiers
DiGiCo SD8 SC2 Digital Consoles
DiGiCo SD9 SC2 Digital Consoles
Waves Soundgrid Server
DiGiGrid MGB MADI Soundgrid Interface
GrandMA2 Light Console
GrandMA2 Ultralight Console
Pixapanel Intelli6 LED Video Panels
Pixapanel LED Song Lyrics Strip
Pixapanel Pixastrip LED Strips
Pixapanel OctoStrobes RGB LED Strobes
Martin Quantum Profile LED Moving Heads
GLP Impression 120RZ Wash LED Moving Heads
Martin MAC101 Wash LED Moving Heads
Chauvet Rogue R1 FX-B 5 Head Moving Blade



Worship Central

St Matts church, located on the corso at picturesque Manly Beach Australia, was the venue of Worship Central’s Australian national conference.

With a live DVD record happening on the final night session, a very specific lighting specification was implemented to highlight the beauty of the venue and intimate worship experience.

Breaking from tradition the band faced each other in a tight circle with the congregation gathering around them, this fuelled a very intimate & organic feel to the worship experience.

One interesting hurdle was the requirement to have great sound but to keep it as inconspicuous as possible. We implemented the small Nexo PS10 speaker elements along with the Nexo RS15 sub elements.

Digico’s SD9 handled the audio mix of both Front of House and Monitors with both in-ear monitors & wedges used, depending the band member’s preference.

The whole process with songs and videos successfully released.



#RevivalIsNow Anthony & Brittany Shepherd

Husband & wife worship leading team Anthony & Brittany Shepherd, under the badge of TheRoarMusic took to the stage to record a new album and video project aptly titled #RevivalIsNow.

With strong songs and a fresh sound, the project was produced by 6 time Grammy award winner Israel Houghton, with additional song writing collaborations by the likes of BJ Putnam.

Recorded live in Orlando USA, the recording featured an array of talented musicians and singers, including notable vocal director and singer Charlin Neale.

Forefront were engaged to provide FOH audio mix duties, working in concert alongside our lighting friends MattLights to provide an engaging worship experience. 

We look forward to the release of the album and video project. 



1x Digico SD10 Digital Mixer

1x Digico SD9 Digital Mixer

2x Digico SD Rack

2x Digigrid MGB

1x Waves Soundgrid Server One

4x Sennheiser 2000 Series Wireless Mics


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