4PRO 3002-SMA is designed with a specific goal: build a high power, professional active stage monitor with symmetric transducers configuration maintaining the lowest possible profile and weight.

The result is a first class stage monitor with incredible amplifier power, high quality neodymium transducers, very compact size cabinet. The voice is accurate and deep, the sound transparent in the mids and extremely accurate at very high frequencies. The 40x60 horn provides a smooth and even coverage for the performer and a very low side emission. Very good feedback immunity.

RCF 4PRO 3002-SMA is an active, controlled dispersion 2 way symmetric stage monitor. It integrates a high power 400 watt amplifier, a complete electronic processor section and RCF low distortion, high power neodymium transducers. The system is unique in its class for output and vocal intelligibility. The symmetric transducers configuration guarantee the sound coherency between left and right side of the speaker.

The new 12" neodymium woofer is the result of the latest refinement in year of RCF experience in compact speakers. Features a 3" voice coil, a massive outside ring neodymium magnet, very high efficiency and controlled mid-bass reproduction. The compression driver uses a new 2.5" pure titanium dome featuring a complex geometry suspension and Direct Drive Coil.


  • 400 watt monolithic bi-amplification. 350 watt low frequency and 50 watt high frequency power
  • 130 dB max SPL
  • Controlled dispertion, 40x 60 low distortion, mid-high horn assembly
  • 12" high power neodymium woofer, 75mm inside/outside aluminium coil
  • 2" neodymium, titanium dome, high frequency driver
  • Electronic equalization, phase alignment, limiter and protection
  • Line combo XLR/jack input, XLR signal output
  • Baltic birch cabinet with 1 side handles for easy transportation and positioning
  • Optional remote control

Acoustical Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 45-20 kHz
  • Max SPL: 130dB
  • Coverage angle: 40° x 60°
  • Compression driver Neo2"
  • Woofer: Neo 12"

Input Section

  • Input Signal Impedance: Bal/Unbal
  • Input Signal Connector: Jack/ XLR
  • Output Signal Connector: XLR
  • Input sensitivity: 0 dBu
  • Mic. input sensitivity: -40 dBu

Processor Section  

  • Crossover frequencies: 1100 Hz
  • Protections: DC/short cir
  • Limiter: Fast limiter
  • Master volume: Yes
  • Music/voice EQ: Yes
  • Remote control option: Yes


  • Nominal power: 400 Watt
  • High frequencies: ab/50 Watt
  • Low frequencies: H/350 Watt
  • Cooling: Convection

Physical Specifications

  • Height: 414mm
  • Width: 410mm
  • Depth: 563mm
  • Net Weight: 25.4Kg
  • Cabinet: Baltic Birch
  • Handles: 1 Side
  • Colour: Black
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