The HPi-111 is a mid powered compact speaker system that has a number of key technical innovations to improve performance in real venue environments.<br>

Bearing in mind most venue architecture is inclined to degrade the performance of standard sound systems. A common problem in many venues is reproducing intelligible voice. The degrading effect of wall and ceiling reflections causes loss of speech intelligibility. The location in a room where the reflections are approaching the level of the sound system is known as "the critical distance". The HPI-111 system extends the "critical distance" by utilizing a custom HF wave guide. The design of the asymmetrical HF wave guide is such that it directs the sound away from the walls and ceiling. Sound is directed only where it is needed and away from the reflective surfaces of the venue. The result is exceptional vocal clarity and control over the dispersion area.

The HPI-111 system is comprised of a single 1" 90 degree asymmetrical wave guide and one 10" high powered woofer. The HF can be rotated to deliver optimum coverage in both vertical and horizontal installations. The HPI-111 is the perfect candidate for a myriad of applications including performing arts centers, houses of worship, corporate theatres and venue environments where mid level SPL coupled with high definition vocal reproduction is required.

The HPI-111 can also be supplemented with a sub bass system as part of a multi way system andor flown in arrays of up to three elements with a wide variety of optional rigging hardware.

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