The Martin MAC 301 Wash™ is an LED moving

head washlight with a powerfully fast zoom

and impressive zoom range that gives it

unequalled performance for a fixture in its class.

Highly versatile, it is capable of producing a wide range of

exceptional colors from rich saturated shades to pastels

through the entire zoom range.

This multi-purpose dynamic effect is useful in a variety of

settings including touring and events, television studios and

all types of night-time venues.

LED-based MAC with zoom

The MAC 301 Wash’s efficient and fast zoom provides

beam angle control from 13 - 36° for more accurate and

flexible design possibilities, and the fixture’s outstanding

RGB color mixing is maintained through the entire zoom


Brightest LED moving head in its class

The fixture’s 108 high-power LEDs produce an extremely

bright and well-defined beam. In fact, the MAC 301 Wash

is the brightest LED moving head in its class.

Class-leading LED moving head

Outstanding color

The full spectrum RGB color mixing system combines with

unique optics to produce a wide range of vibrant saturated

colors and subtle pastels. A variable CTC allows for a range

of adjustable shades from pure cool to pleasing warm.

For increased color possibilities, the MAC 301 includes an

electronic 7 color + white color wheel rotation effect with

snap, blackout or dimmer fade at each color change.

Dynamic effects

The MAC 301 Wash is capable of smooth dimming from

0-100% with excellent color stability throughout the entire

dimming range. Strobe effects such as pulse and random

effects are also possible.

Fast, smooth movement

High-speed 430° pan and 300° tilt movement with fast acceleration

and smooth movement is provided by powerful

three-phase stepper motors. An automatic positioning correction

system returns the fixture to its original position

should it be accidentally knocked out of position.

Surprisingly quiet

The MAC 301 Wash is surprisingly quiet which makes it

suitable for noise-sensitive applications as well.

DMX-512 control

The MAC 301 Wash is industry standard DMX-512 controllable

with conveniently fast stand-alone scenes included.

An onboard control panel and illuminated LCD graphics

display provides for easy programming with easy-to-read

fixture menus and messages.

An auto-sensing* power supply covers worldwide voltages

and frequencies allowing the fixture to operate anywhere in

the world .

Durable, user-friendly design

Made of durable diecast aluminum for the rigors of the

rental market, the MAC 301 Wash is compact and lightweight

enough to be used in a variety of applications.

The fixture’s head and yoke are easy to access for easy

cleaning and maintenance.

LED benefits

The MAC 301 Wash offers all the benefits of LED technology

like greater reliability, less maintenance and increased

energy efficiency for a smaller carbon footprint and lower

cost of ownership.

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