DiGiCo SD8 brings you the complete DiGiCo digital mixing experience, from the ultimate in intuitive user interfaces to the power and purity of Stealth Digital Processing, at a price point more commonly associated with midrange mixing consoles.

Whether you're moving up from an analogue console or adding more flexibility to your existing systems, the SD8 offers all the major features and versatility of the acclaimed DiGiCo D Series. It's also the world's first 'affordable' console to provide the smoothness, accuracy and dynamic range of the latest generation Super FPGA technology with floating point processing, the heart of the groundbreaking DiGiCo SD7.

In its compact frame, the most affordable DiGiCo console ever built provides a powerful array of live sound engineering tools, laid out with the clarity you'd expect from a worksurface designed by the award winning team at DiGiCo. It offers an extensive specification in a complete digital package. It has a stage MaDiRack with 48 microphone inputs as standard, 8 analogue outputs and dual MADI connections - making rehearsal and live show recording simple and inexpensive - a digital MADI multicore, a full worksurface and 8 line outputs which can be reconfigured to create up to 24 for monitoring.

Two discrete master busses, 24 mono or stereo busses and a 12 x 12 matrix complete the channel and bussing structure. But that's not all, since the versatile SD8 also provides dual solo busses for greatly increased flexibility as a monitor console. The DiGiCo SD8. A new world of performance and versatility in a midrange console.

Every inch an engineer's console, the SD8 is designed for the rough and tumble of the road, the pressure of corporate events and festivals, the rehearsals and nightly changes of operator in the theatre world as well as the unique challenges of providing excellent, repeatable audio for houses of worship. Powerful as it is on the inside, the SD8 is ready for everything the road can throw at it too. A sturdy steel chassis provides excellent rigidity, while the laminated worksurface is highly resistant to wear and tear. Every aspect of the worksurface and the MaDiRack exudes DiGiCo quality, from the perfectly weighted encoder wheels and faders to the durable silk screening and solid construction. A dual, hot-swappable, integrated switch-mode power supply provides peace of mind.

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