The DiGiCo SD7 is the next generation plus one of digital sound engineering. In the five-year gestation period between original idea and finished console, countless discussions, technical debates, painstaking research and a dedicated, inspired team with open minds all contributed to the SD7's design.

Part of the inspiration came not only from studying where pro audio had been and was leading, but where other pioneering industries saw their own paths to technological development.

Among the most fascinating were the aviation, marine and automotive industries' use of new materials and techniques in challenging environments. Just one of these was the growing use of polycarbonates in high-tech boat building, where its remarkable combination of durability, light weight, temperature and impact resistance and optical transparency has proved invaluable.


As a console work surface material it has allowed us to transform the user experience in subtle and unexpected ways - as a few minutes exploring the SD7 will show you.

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