VIVE Church - Audio Consoles & Lighting Upgrade

Vive Church (formally C3 Church Silicon Valley) continues to grow in the heart of the USA's technology epicentre now with 4 campuses.
Forefront recently assisted Vive with further upgrades, including lighting and additional audio consoles.

Vive's largest and original campus is located in Palo Alto, CA - and is in a facility where they bump in and out every Sunday.  From there they routinely stream out to the other campuses and Facebook Live.

Being a rented facility, the lighting setup, in particular the main front wash lacked the focus and brightness required, so Forefront installed a dedicated front wash and back lighting setup with Arri fresnels that supply an even coverage that looks great for live and broadcast, and minimises the amount of light onto the cyclorama which Vive use to project video from floor to ceiling.

In addition, the latest Chauvet Maverick series MK2 Spot moving head and MK2 Wash LED moving head wash fixtures were added to enable great atmospheric looks.

On the audio side of things, Vive has had a Digico SD9 for a couple of years now at Palo Alto and keeping on the Digico platform which is user friendly and familiar to their volunteers, rolled out Digico S21's to their other campuses in San Jose & San Francisco with the newest Oakland campus to officially launch in August.

An additional Digico S21 was also added to the Palo Alto campuses to facilitate a dedicated audio mix for live streaming.  This takes a duplicate of all the inputs running to the Digico SD9 on FOH & monitors, and makes use of the gain tracking function to maintain independent gain structure, unaffected by any changes on the other console.

At VIVE Church we are so grateful for our relationship with ForeFront Productions. I say relationship because that’s exactly what FFP provides. More than a technical service, they are deeply invested in what will enhance our worship experience and grow the influence of our church. Nick Burns and the team are masters of atmosphere, detailed and do everything with excellence. FFP has provided a platform for our creatives to minister effectively beyond the limitations of a standard mobile church setup. I love having Forefront on OUR team.
— Adam Smallcombe - Pastor Vive Church

Equipment Used

6x  Chauvet Maverick MK2 Spot Moving Head
6x  ChauveT Maverick MK2 Wash Moving Head
10x Arri ST2 Studio Fresnel
1x   MDG Atmosphere Hazer
1x   Digico SD9 Digital Audio Mixer
2x  Digico S21 Digital Audio Mixer
2x  Digico Little Red Box
2x  Digico D-Rack