Mater Maria Catholic College Upgrade

Mater Maria Catholic College in Warriewood NSW recently contracted Forefront to upgrade their MPC audio system.  

Crucial to the outcome was a simple way for staff, students & guests to control day to day audio requirements.  

To this end we designed a system based around the new Xilica Neutrino processor, a completely open architecture DSP unit, with customisable remote touchscreen control.

Also on the list was the need for a console that could handle a full band with room for future growth.  The Digico SD11i was selected.

We  programmed the NeuTouch control panel to allow simple, pre-defined control for the day to day functions of assemlbies and classes requiring lecturn microphone and various audio/video replay, with the ability to switch over control to the Digico SD11i for more complex events that require a full band.

To aid in continuity of quality outcomes, we processed the lecturn microphone and video audio inputs within the Neutrino processor regardless of whether the touch screen or Digico SD11 is being used.

Equipment Used:

1x Digico SD11i

1x Digico D-Rack

1x Xilica Neutrino A0808

1x Xilica NeuTouch

4x Quest HPI110

2x Quest HPI12S

2x Quest QA3004

2x Sennheiser EW112 G3 Lapel Presenter Wireless Mic System