Macquarie Life Church fitout

With the completion of building a new auditorium, Forefront were called upon to design, supply and install a full audio, lighting and video solution.

MLC is a creative church with many regular and varied events, so the systems need to be flexible with ease of operation.

Equipment Used:

4x Nexo GEOS1210

2x Nexo GEOS1230

2x Nexo RS15

3x Camco DPower4

1x Nexo GEOS12 TD Controller

1x Nexo PS8

1x Nexo PS8 TD Controller

6x Quest QM12DC

2x Quest QA3004

7x MyMix

1x Avid Digidesign SC48

1x Powerwise PD1215

1x HumanTechnik ProLoop DCC

16x LED Par64

4x MAC250 Entour

12x Selecon Lui Work Light

1x LSC Redback RBW24/A

2x LSC Red Plate 6


1x Martin M1

1x Custom Lighting Patch System

1x Custom Moving Truss System

3x Sanyo PLCXU116

1x Custom Panoramic Video Screen

4x VideoTech 135" Screen

Stage Drapes