Keppel Anglican Church

Located near Yeppoon in Queensland, Australia, Keppel Anglican Church constructed a new worship centre and multipurpose area's, engaging Forefront Productions for the design, supply and installation of audio and video solutions.

The brief was to supply high quality audio for the main auditorium, with the ability to use the two adjoining multipurpose areas as either extensions of the main auditorium, or close them off as autonomous spaces with their own individual audio and video display systems.

To this end we designed an audio system with seamless coverage to all areas, which then can be individually controlled via simple touch screens in each of the three spaces.

This allows for non-technical users to easily control the volume of various sources independently in the spaces, such as a local microphone and video playback.

The main auditorium space itself is adorned by natural light, which called for two LED video walls to achieve sufficient size and brightness.

The outcome of the project is very pleasing and easy to use for staff, volunteers and outside users.


Nexo PS15R2 Speaker Elements
Nexo PS8 Speaker Elements
Camco DPower4 Power Amplifiers
Xilica A1616 Controller / Processor
Xilica NeuTouch Touch Panel Controllers
Quest QM10DC Monitor Wedges
Quest QA3004 Power Amplifiers
Yamaha TF1 Digital Mixer
Sennheiser 100 Series Wireless Microphones
Samsung UED Series LED Displays
Kramer Presentation Switching & HDbaseT Distribution