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Compassion Australia shines at Hillsong Conference

This year Compassion Australia once again called on Forefront to bring their marquee to life for Hillsong Conference held at Qudos Bank Arena.

Providing Nexo PS10’s used for the audio system provided crystal clear sound focused within the marquee, while the 6.5m x 3m LED screen, comprised of 78x Pixapanel Echelon 3 panels was the perfect vehicle to showcase Compassion Australia's message.


Equipment Used

Nexo PS10
78 x Pixapanel Echelon 3 LED panels



By now you’ve probably heard the amazing songs by The Belonging Co. on their album ‘All The Earth’, which has gone global with millions of streams and being sung in churches around the planet! 


Forefront has had the pleasure of playing a small part in The Belonging Co.'s journey. Find out more below.

The Belonging Co. is a church to watch in the USA, in fact it could well be the fastest growing church in the USA, with broad appeal to those who seek authenticity and the basic elements in action. Going from just 7 people in a home to in excess of 4,000 in just a few years, The Belonging Co.'s ethos is clearly appealing: "We desire encounter over entertainment, intimacy over industry, presence over presentation, people over position... And most of all JESUS over everything".

Being located in Nashville, Tennessee, The Belonging Co. has a huge amount of professional musicians, singers, songwriters and engineers in the makeup of regular attendees. Well known worship artists such as Henry Seeley, Kari Jobe, Danny Gokey, Sarah Reeves and Lauren Daigle are all part of the volunteer team. Needless to say the music and audio quality is by default very impressive.

When it came time to upgrade the audio consoles and associated systems, The Belonging Co. turned to Forefront Productions for help.

Henry Seeley - Lead Pastor, The Belonging Co. :
Our church here in Nashville TN started quite organically a few years ago. When we first started, we only had the budget for a smaller, cheaper console. As we grew, we added a monitor console, and then later a console for our broadcast mix… but the entire system was based on a ‘budget’ framework that was limited to a maximum of 32 channels. 2 years in, we found ourselves in a place where we were maxing out our consoles and frustrated by the limitations of our current system.

Having known Nick Burns from Forefront Productions for many years, I reached out to see if he could design us a system that would suit not just our current needs, but also give us room to expand in the future. One of the things I’ve always loved about Nick is that he understands the challenges of church production, and the fact that most churches run primarily on a volunteer production team - something that can quickly turn awry without the right systems in place. After several conversations, we both felt a Digico infrastructure was going to be the best option, so we settled on SD8 consoles for FOH and monitors, and an S21 for our dedicated livestream / broadcast mix.

Having a volunteer audio team whose experience varies widely from touring crew to studio engineers to college students, we knew this would potentially be a stretch for some of our team. The install support and service we received from Forefront was second to none, and the time Nick spent training our team was absolutely invaluable. We also found the Digico was especially appealing to our team, given its ability to load Waves plugins directly on the console - something that helped a lot of our guys feel right at home.

The thing that is most impressive to me about Nick and the Forefront team is they’re not interested in selling a product - they are all about providing a service, and seeing the process right through to completion. Their knowledge of the products they install is extremely thorough, so you know you are getting the right gear for your specific scenario.

The fact that we were able to switch out our entire audio system - changing out 3 old consoles and stage racks for 3 completely new consoles and racks - all between our Sunday night and Tuesday night services is a testament to the exceptional service and support we received from Forefront. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new system!
Henry Seeley
Lead Pastor -
 Henry Seeley // Lead Pastor

Henry Seeley // Lead Pastor

The Belonging Co currently meets at Rocketown in the heart of Nashville, where some of the limitations of the space, coupled with the growth of the church has led to the need of an LED wall, to enable full view of video content at size, location and brightness that wouldn’t be possible any other way.

The Belonging Co turned to Forefront Productions for advice and supply of the Pixapanel LED wall.

“The Belonging Co are able to use the Pixapanel DX3 to create virtually limitless options, often including a main wall section, vertical columns, and an overhead centre strip dedicated to song lyrics.  It’s a really affordable but high-spec product” said Forefront principal, Nick Burns.



The Premios Redención Awards were held on Broadway at the Playstation Theatre. Forefront Principal Nick Burns was on hand mixing front of house for Israel Houghton & New Breed who headlined the evening.

Travelling with one of Forefront’s mobile Waves audio racks, complete with Waves Extreme server, DiGiGrid MGB, Smaart Live software & interface, setup of the supplied DiGiCo console and optimisation of the in-house speaker system was quick & easy.

Equipment Used

DiGiCo SD9
Waves Soundgrid Extreme Server
Digigrid MGB
Smaart Live
Smaart io



Church@1330 in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia is a vibrant, growing church with a multipurpose centre that is also utilised by the surrounding community for varied functions and events.

1330 Associate Pastor Trent Young approached Forefront for assistance in choosing an audio console upgrade solution that would suit their varied needs.

In the end a DiGiCo SD12 was selected and implemented with great results.

We started looking for a replacement to our ageing Yamaha M7 approx 12mths ago. We had a key number of must haves in our considerations.

Our 700 seat auditorium is used for both Sunday church services, as well as operating as part of our full time conference facility. We have lots of functions of vary types from school musicals to corporate presentations. We needed the flexibility for various types of events and varying levels of operators. We don’t have a staff tech personnel so Sundays need to be simple to reset.

We really wanted a stage soft patch solution to minimise set/reset times and to increase reliability.

We needed the system to flip between dual (FOH & Mon) and single operators depending on the situation.

We considered multiple consoles and after discussion of our scope with Forefront, felt that the Digico SD12 ticked all the boxes.

We have installed multiple DiGiCo Racks with most of our stage permanently patched for both inputs and outputs.

The dual solo busses on the SD12, coupled with an iPad Pro allow us to have a fully separate monitor operator but quickly flip back to a single operator from the SD12 surface, if required.

The extensive onboard routing & matrixing, has allowed us to do customised stage & tech comms and all the various building feeds required.

We are able to do all we need and more.

Being new to Digico, our team has picked it up really quickly and it sounds great!

Nick at Forefront was exceptional in supporting us through the sales process and then onsite with training for our team.

We are looking forward to having this incredible resource for our church and conference venue.
— Trent Young - Associate Pastor Church @ 1330

Equipment Used

1x  DiGiCo SD12
1x  DiGiCo D2 Rack
1x  DiGiCo D-Rack
1x  DiGiCo LBB



Life Church Brisbane New Pixapanel LED Panels

In the words of Life Church Brisbane "We are loving them!".

Life Church Brisbane recently purchased Package B from our Pixapanel Plug + Play Packages. This gave them 4m x 2.5 of high quality LED panel to get creative with on stage as you can see from the images below.

To take a closer look at our Plug + Play packages CLICK HERE


40x Pixapanel LED Video Panels



Chapel Sessions - 2017

Forefront was delighted to once again present Chapel Sessions in September 2017 with BJ Putnam along with his wife Melody and band.

BJ is a highly talented worship leader, songwriter and producer. His songs can be found on many albums including Israel Houghton’s latest Grammy Award winning release ‘Alive in Asia’, Darlene Zschech’s ‘Revealing Jesus’ and other favourites like ‘More and More’.  BJ can be routinely found leading worship at churches such as  Lakewood Church with Joel Osteen.

BJ & wife Melody reside in Phoenix, Arizona attending their local church of more than 18 years, where they pastor the worship team under Senior Pastor Michael Maiden.

2017 saw Chapel Sessions take place in two locations - Newcastle and Melbourne. Newcastle attendees were lucky enough to also have local heroes VERSES as part of the Newcastle session. Masterclasses were held at the Melbourne sessions offering small focused groups led by BJ, his band members as well as Forefront's senior staff.

VIVE Church Conference

August saw VIVE Church hold their first ever conference where they gathered as one church right in the heart of the City of San Francisco to declare THERE IS A HOPE.

VIVE Conference was nothing short of powerful with guests such as Chris Durso, Benny Perez, and Mack Brock (Elevation Church) and Jack Diaz (C3 Los Angeles), hosted by lead pastors Adam & Keira Smallcombe.

Forefront was honoured to supply production on the event providing lighting, audio and video.


DiGiCo SD9 Audio Console
DiGiCo S31 Audio Console
Sennheiser 2000 Series Wireless Microphones
Sennheiser EW300 Wireless IEM's
JBL Vertec Line Array System

Elation Cuepix Blinders
GLP Impression X4
Clay Paky Mythos
Chauvet Maverick MK2 Spot
Chauvet Maverick MK2 Wash
GrandMA2 Lite Console

Christie Roadster HD14K
Stumpfl Projection Screen


VIVE Church Palo Alto Nexo Install

Now with 4 campuses, Vive Church (formally C3 Church Silicon Valley) continues to grow in the heart of the USA's technology epicenter, the greater San Francisco Bay area.

Vive's largest and original campus is located in Palo Alto, and has grown to the point of needing a new main speaker system.

In fact, Vive is the first church in the USA to take delivery of the new Nexo GeoM10 line array speaker system.

Being a venue that they rent and setup each week, the system needed to be modular and easily handled to fit within the total setup time of 45 minutes.  

The new GeoM10 system was an obvious choice, providing exceptional coverage throughout the entire seated area, with a quality of sound that provides high intelligibility and sensational musicality.




6x Nexo GeoM1012

2x Nexo GeoM1025

2x Nexo RS18 Sub

2x Nexo PS15

1x Nexo NX4x4 Amplifier / Processor

1x Nexo NX4x1 Amplifier / Processor




LED Song Lyrics Words Panel


NOW YOU CAN FREE YOUR STAGE FROM full size projection screens for Songwords/lyrics with our Pixapanel Intelli6 LED SONG lyrics panel.

Run up to two hi-resolution lines of song words in any colour, with any background with our affordable LED lyrics panel.


Using your existing ProPresenter or EasyWorship software, you simply connect our LED Song Lyrics Panel as a normal video screen output and you are all set.  Sizes start at 2.9m x 0.6, which is usually perfect for churches up to 500 seats.

Get in touch today to see how we can make your song words highly visible, and allow your stage full creative freedom.

Plus, add more LED video panels later on to build towards a full size LED video wall – it’s easy!

Comes complete with video processor, cat5 sender, cabling & hanging bars.









VIVE Church - Audio Consoles & Lighting Upgrade

Vive Church (formally C3 Church Silicon Valley) continues to grow in the heart of the USA's technology epicentre now with 4 campuses.
Forefront recently assisted Vive with further upgrades, including lighting and additional audio consoles.

Vive's largest and original campus is located in Palo Alto, CA - and is in a facility where they bump in and out every Sunday.  From there they routinely stream out to the other campuses and Facebook Live.

Being a rented facility, the lighting setup, in particular the main front wash lacked the focus and brightness required, so Forefront installed a dedicated front wash and back lighting setup with Arri fresnels that supply an even coverage that looks great for live and broadcast, and minimises the amount of light onto the cyclorama which Vive use to project video from floor to ceiling.

In addition, the latest Chauvet Maverick series MK2 Spot moving head and MK2 Wash LED moving head wash fixtures were added to enable great atmospheric looks.

On the audio side of things, Vive has had a Digico SD9 for a couple of years now at Palo Alto and keeping on the Digico platform which is user friendly and familiar to their volunteers, rolled out Digico S21's to their other campuses in San Jose & San Francisco with the newest Oakland campus to officially launch in August.

An additional Digico S21 was also added to the Palo Alto campuses to facilitate a dedicated audio mix for live streaming.  This takes a duplicate of all the inputs running to the Digico SD9 on FOH & monitors, and makes use of the gain tracking function to maintain independent gain structure, unaffected by any changes on the other console.

At VIVE Church we are so grateful for our relationship with ForeFront Productions. I say relationship because that’s exactly what FFP provides. More than a technical service, they are deeply invested in what will enhance our worship experience and grow the influence of our church. Nick Burns and the team are masters of atmosphere, detailed and do everything with excellence. FFP has provided a platform for our creatives to minister effectively beyond the limitations of a standard mobile church setup. I love having Forefront on OUR team.
— Adam Smallcombe - Pastor Vive Church

Equipment Used

6x  Chauvet Maverick MK2 Spot Moving Head
6x  ChauveT Maverick MK2 Wash Moving Head
10x Arri ST2 Studio Fresnel
1x   MDG Atmosphere Hazer
1x   Digico SD9 Digital Audio Mixer
2x  Digico S21 Digital Audio Mixer
2x  Digico Little Red Box
2x  Digico D-Rack