PBR - 8 Seconds of Glory

Forefront Productions are the supplier of Audio Systems and LED Screens for the large arena events of PBR in Australia.

This year, the arena tour of PBR visited the cities of Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle, Tamworth and Townsville.

Audio designs for each venue were undertaken before hitting the road which saw a number of different audio configurations implemented.

Additionally, two different LED screen configurations were deployed, depending on the seating configuration of each venue, to give every bull riding fan the best possible view of the action.

Preparation of the equipment in our warehouse was critical to make sure all configurations were possible when on the road, and in the challenging environment of loose dirt covered arena floors.

The highlight of the tour was Sydney’s Qudos Arena, at almost full capacity, we installed our largest line array systems for the tour, flown at a trim height of 20m, the Nexo STM System gave amazing coverage of the room - A night where the country invaded the city!

Production Manager, Jim White, flown in from PBR USA to manage the arena tours, commented every night how much he loved the Nexo S118 Subs!  



Nexo STM M46
Nexo STM M28
Nexo PS15r2
Nexo STM S118’s both flown and ground stacked
Nexo NX amps
Digico S21 Console
Sennheiser SKM2000 Wireless Mics
Sennheiser G3 IEM’s


Pixapanel Intelli6 LED Panels