Digico S21 & S31 Firmware & Software Update

There is a now Version 2.2 software upgrade available for the DiGiCo S21 & S31.  CLICK HERE TO SEE WHATS NEW

Please read and follow the upgrade instructions below carefully.

This version includes new features plus a number of bug fixes (see Release Notes for details).
This version is compatible with sessions from V1.2 and onwards

The following instructions assume that you are upgrading a console that is running S21/S31 software version 2.1

There is no requirement to upgrade worksurface firmware unless you are upgrading from an earlier version of application software
DMI MADI B and DMI MADI C card codes do require an upgrade that is included in the software update

 Software upgrade

 1. Download the ZIP file (see link below) and extract/unzip the file named update.dcu on your computer 

2. Copy the unzipped file to the root folder of a USB key (please ensure that the file is in the ROOT folder and not in a sub folder – also ensure that it is called update.dcu) 

3. Switch the console off 

4. Insert the USB key in the console USB port 

5. Hold down the “Overview” button on the console worksurface (see image below)


 6. Switch the console on and keep the overview button held for about 5 seconds and then release it 

7. You should then see a series of icons on the screen starting with a clock icon 

8. Wait for the console application to boot 

9. Open the main menu and check the version number at the bottom of the screen – it should be V2.2

10. Power cycle the console 

11. Upgrade complete 

12. If upgrading from V1.2 or earlier - proceed to the Worksurface and DMI Card Firmware Upgrade procedure below 

13. If upgrading from V2.1 or earlier proceed to the DMI Card Firmware Upgrade procedure below



Worksurface Firmware upgrade (Only if upgrading from V1.2 or earlier)

There is new worksurface code (V53) in the package that will need to be applied to both surfaces. 

The procedure is as follows: 

For one section at a time: 

1. Power off 

2. Power on while holding down both the 1st and 10th channel mute buttons down until you see the engine icon appear on screen and then release the buttons. 

3. Wait until the App starts and you should then see a progress display indicating that the upgrade has started – wait for this to finish 

4. Power off again and repeat the above procedure for the second section holding the 1st and 10th channel mutes in that section (Mutes 11 and 20) 

5. Wait for the update to finish and power cycle the console again 

6. Open the Main Menu > Diagnostics view and check that both surfaces report code Version 53 



DMI Card - Firmware upgrade (Only if upgrading from V2.1 or earlier)

Depending on the software version that you are upgrading from, there may be new DMI card code available in V2.1, so when the software application upgrade is complete, please go to the Main Menu>System>DMI cards and upgrade any installed DMI cards using the upgrade buttons on that page 

1. If an installed DMI card requires an upgrade, the button below the card display will say “Update DMI Card”. 

2. Press this button to upgrade the card and wait until the process is completed. 

3. When the card has been successfully updated, check that the “Current” and “Available” code versions match. 

4. Now power cycle the console to complete the procedure.

Please ensure that you use the correct updater for the relevant console – S21 or S31

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using the S21/S31 with the S-Series iPad App, you may need to re-enter your console IP Address, SubNet Mask and Port details after the software upgrade to V2.2 is complete.