Live at the Foreshore & This That Festival

Another great success for dual events Live At The Foreshore & This That Festival with Forefront Productions again supplying audio, lighting and video for main stage, and audio for the secondary stage.

Building on last year, one of the creative elements for this year was implementing evolving stage looks, to help make the stage presentation different for each band/artist. We implemented rolling floor packages that where positioned differently for each set.. This also assisted with lightning fast change over times, moving out of the way of other rolling elements such as drum and stage risers.

Headlining VJ’s loved the large surface area of the Pixapanel LED screen (10m x 3m), and it's high resolution of 6mm, as a giant canvas to set the atmosphere of their sets.  We also gave these VJ’s the option of nominating the trim height of the screen to best accommodate their desired look for their own set along with the differing floor packages, this was done during the band change overs and the flexibility was really appreciated by artists.

Another addition for this year was the inclusion of a 3m round truss with the festival logo placed aloft the stage structure, organisers wanted this to be projected over to animate the logo. Using one of our super bright 15,000 lumen projectors, at night time the logo danced with the crowd.

With day 1 of the festival being sold out in the This That format for the younger crowd, the switch of format on day 2 to Live At The Foreshore for the older crowd also enjoyed growth.  So much so, the main stage area had delay audio stacks area added overnight to accommodate a growing crowd, so they could comfortably sprawl out around the grounds.

Using our Lake LM44 processing meant that systems engineer Mark Bollenberg made light work of tying the entire audio system together producing the feeling that sound was drawing you to the stage no matter where you were seated.

The show was one of the first excursions for our brand new inventory additions of Martin MAC Quantum profile moving lights.




FOH Audio

Nexo STM M46
Nexo STM M28
Nexo STM B112
Nexo STM S118 Subs
Nexo PS10R2
Nexo Universal Amp Racks
Lake LM44 Processing
Sennheiser 2000 Series Wireless
Digico SD8 Digital Mixer
Digico SD9 Digital Mixer
Digico S21 Digital Mixer
Avid Profile Digital Mixer


Nexo PS15r2
Nexo Alpha M3
Nexo Alpha S2
Nexo Alpha E B1
Nexo NX Amps
Camco V6 Amps
Senneheiser EW300 IEM's


GrandMA2 Lite
Martin Mac Quantum Profiles
Martin Rush MH3 Beams
Martin Mac 101’s
GLP Impression 120RZ
Octastrobe, 8 segment LED RGB Strobes
P56 Beam Moving lights for the stage perimeter


Pixapanel D6, 6mm LED Panels
Pandoras Box, Coolux Pro Player media server
Sanyo XF47 15,000 projector