Bespoke Audio Solution for Hughes Baptist Church

When it came time for an upgrade to their ageing audio system, Hughes Baptist Church in Canberra, Australia turned to Forefront for advice and design options.

Being a bespoke architectural auditorium, the space presented some challenges including acoustic reflection and speaker placement/sightline issues.

After running through various options, and a listening test, Hughes Baptist's Tim Siers decided that the Nexo GeoM6 speaker system, augmented with Nexo PS8 speakers for outfill was the right fit for performance and budget.

The result is high inteligibility throughout the space for both speech and music, with minimal acoustic reflection due to an increase in direct radiating sound from speaker to listener.

Tim also chose the Digico S31 digital mixer, which is among the first units installed in the country.

Being a multi use space like most churches, we like to accommodate ease of use for smaller functions, mid-week meetings and outside bookings.  To this end a Xilica Neutrino system with touch screen wall panel allows simple pre-programmed control of some microphones and music playback - thus not requiring a sound operator to be present for these types of functions.

The last part of the installation included an overhaul of stage foldback/monitoring, which included some neat new wedges from Quest Audio.


8x Nexo GeoM620 Line Array Elements
2x Nexo PS8 Speaker Elements
2x Nexo LS18 Sub Elements
2x Nexo NX4X1 Amplifier/Processors
6x Quest QM350i Monitor Wedges
3x Quest QA2004 Amplifiers
1x Xilica A0808 DSP Processor/Controller
1x Xilica NPTouch Touchscreen
1x Digico S31 Digital Mixer