Pixapanel LED panels for Edge Church

Edge Church, Adelaide & Edge Church, Reynella

Adding a fresh look to the stage, with complete flexibility, is a new installation of Pixapanel S10 LED video panels to Edge Church's South campus. 

38 units of S10 are scattered across the stage, driven by a Coolux media server which allows both the lighting operator and video switcher to have dual control.

Also installed independent HD cameras, to allow the lighting operator to grab interesting shots around the stage and instruments, then manipulate the images via Coolux's live video effects.

Here what Edge's Technical Director, Joel Sabine, has to say about the new installation.

Edge church in Adelaide Australia recently had Pixapanel's S10 Product installed. www.pixapanel.com

Equipment Used:

38x Pixapanel S10

1x Coolux Pandora's Box Media Manager Pro

2x Coolux Pandora's Box Player Pro

3x FFP Custom Built Media Server PC

1x Triple Head2Go