C3 Church Silicon Valley Upgrade With Digico SD9

Just in their second year since inception, C3 Church Silicion Valley (California USA) have just upgraded their systems with a DiGiCo SD9.

Having started out with an entry level digital console by a different manufacturer, their consistent congregation growth and maturing demands of the worship team meant it was time to step things up and make a marked improvement both in ease of use and sonic quality.

The choice was made for the DiGiCo SD9, and was supplied by Forefront Productions.  During the two days on site training and initial live setup delivered by Forefront with the band, all involved were more than impressed with instantaneous improvement and ease of use.

Here’s what C3’s Production Manager, Andrew Thomas had to say:

“We are a new church (2 years old) and until recently, we've used a small digital console for our FoH and monitoring needs. As the team and church grew, we reached the limits of the console and started looking into upgrading the desk.

Initially we were drawn to some other manufacturers' offerings until I was explained a lot of the benefits of DiGiCo and we decided the SD9 would be perfect for our needs. 

With it's 48 mono or stereo channels, it's a console that can handle anything we throw at it. Everyone I talked to had nothing but the best to say about it. But when the desk arrived, I was blown away.

The sonic quality alone made the purchase worth it. The openness and clarity of sound made our PA sound brand new, but on top of that the desk has so much more. 

From the moment we started setting up our session, it was evident that DiGiCo designs their consoles to take full advantage of the digital realm. The console operation is unbelievably flexible and can accommodate pretty much anyone's workflow. The ease of routing, navigating menus, and the fact that there is at least 3 ways to do something, meant that I was able to make a workflow that fits me perfectly. And the fact that pretty much everything is "Flexi" just makes it even better.

We have a lot of volunteers and many are new to the world of audio so being able to load up presets at any scope of the session, from a single EQ to an entire show, really takes some of the load off of my volunteers and allows them to focus on mixing.

Speaking of mixing, it's so easy with the console. All controls are laid out exactly where you'd expect them, and the combination of a powerful touchscreen and easy to navigate banks made mixing very easy. The EQs and compressors are powerful and sound great, and the built in FX rack makes one wonder why you'd ever need anything outboard.

The build quality is also second to none. From faders, to encoders, to the large touchscreen, everything gives the impression that it's built to last, and as we set up and tear down every week, that is extremely important to us. Did I mention that in addition to all this, the console saves us considerable set up and tear down time?

Nick from Forefront Productions came out to train us on the desk, and made set up a breeze. He taught us everything we needed to know to run the desk but then also went in depth to show us some of the many powerful functions of the desk including some of the cooler functions that probably would have taken me hours of reading tutorials to even realize was possible! Nick was a great teacher and made the daunting process of learning a new desk so easy. Forefront Productions was also very helpful in the ordering process when we made a few last minute changes and they even took FaceTime calls at 7AM in the morning when I ran the desk solo for the first time.

The experience from Forefront Productions and DiGiCo was truly next level".