Vortex Series CAMCO now introduces a new generation of power amplifiers setting new standards in terms of technical and mechanical design and construction. Through the superior combination of new and time-tested technologies CAMCO engineers succeeded in bringing a product to market that truly deserves the title "New Generation".

The idea behind the Vortex Series was to build a new power amp that uses a switched-mode power supply, ensures optimum ventilation and can be produced in compliance with state-of-the-art technical standards. Yet, output power had to be at least as high as that produced by CAMCO's "classic" power amps, while the dimensions and weight had to be reduced. With the Vortex Series this idea has become a reality: Vortex is a high-power amplifier featuring exceptionally high efficiency, enormous power (6,000 watts mono into 4 ohms), a mere 2 height units and the use of micro-controllers to digitally control and monitor all functions and thus ensure first-class audio quality.

For the Vortex Series CAMCO engineers have developed a variety of innovative features: power transistor control with emergency shutdown in case of extreme malfunctions (prevents the amp from being destroyed), reliable over voltage protection up to 400 V, thermal protective circuitry for the transistors, hum free operation in case of extreme under voltage (instead of sound-deteriorating limiters). The amplifiers from the Vortex Series are particularly fast owing to their current-coupled amplifier stages. The 3-stage switched-mode power supply provides each amplifier channel with the supply voltage it actually needs, while the volume level is controlled by a 12-bit digital-analog DCA converter (Digitally Controlled Attenuator).

The cooling and ventilation system is a completely new design that ensures optimum air flow. CAMCO research has allowed us to design heat sinks with optimized heat dissipation surfaces and an integrated airflow channel. The direct and straightforward link between air intake and exit contributes considerably to the thermal stability of this power amplifier.

The amplifiers of the Vortex Series display more information by LED indicators than conventional amplifiers. Operational status, functions and alternating states are clearly signalled by differing luminosity or colour. All indicators and controls are also available for adjustment by means of a remote control network; 99 network addresses can be selected with the amplifier's volume controls. Owing to the standard E.U.I. (Extended User Interface), peripheral modules can be used to configure the Vortex Series for any type of sound reinforcement application.

From a technical and mechanical point of view the Vortex Series is a future-oriented product. Its modern design, high-grade componentry and the use of SMD technology are state-of-the-art features reducing service / maintenance cost and work as well as the number of internal cable and plug / socket connections. Thus, the Vortex Series sets a new standard in terms of audio quality, power, reliability and ease of operation.

Precision and transparency in sound are the Vortex Series' most characteristic features. The underlying new approach in amplifier technology eliminates sound-deteriorating drawbacks right from the start. The circuit design using internal current control provides for a new definition of the term sound quality. All protections respond only when damage to the amplifier can be expected, and hence allow for temporary extreme situations without affecting the sound quality of the music program.

The Vortex Series is not just "another amplifier" but has been designed as an integral part of pro-level sound reinforcement systems. The superior sound quality and enormous power delivered by the Vortex Series are the features that make a good audio system an extraordinary one.

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