Pixapanel Pixastrip


Pixapanel Pixastrip


Our Pixastrip 32 is a 1m long bar comprised of 32 individual SMD LED's resulting a in pixel pitch of 31.25mm

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The bar comes with detachable mounting brackets, which allow all cabling to be concealed behind the unit when surface mounted.

With operational control via DMX or Artnet, the Pixastrip allows for simple use as and LED lighting fixture, or advanced pixel mapping.

Technical Specifications

  • Pixel Pitch 31.25mm
  • Pixel composing 32x SMD 3 in 1
  • Size 1000mm x 25mm x 25mm
  • Channels 48 DMX channels
  • Pixels Control 16 pixels
  • Lifetime 100,000 hours
  • Max power 12W
  • Power Supply DC 12v

Pixapanel in action